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Nothing here is cannon nor is it accurate.

Character Profiles (from first story)
Name: Brooke Langhall
Gender: F
Age: 15
Species: Cat/Feline
Appearance: Grey in color
Relationship Status: hanging out with Lt. Earl Buster
Etc: Was once a convict, finally found innocent.
Name: Emi ?????
Gender: F
Age: ??
Species: Horse
Appearance: Clydesdale
Relationship Status: hanging out with Dean
Etc: Was once a psychopathic murderer, a male, and a general. She's now sane and rules a small island that wishes for total equality.
Name: Lt. Earl Buster
Gender: M
Age: 17
Species: Koala
Appearance: A tan koala
Relationship Status: hanging out with Brooke Langhall
Etc: An expert in flying helicopters. His dad (now deceased) was a general.
Name: Eric Synde
Gender: M
Age: 20
Species: Fox
Appearance: Classic orange-red and black
Relationship Status: dating Alex
Etc: A field medic.
Name: Alex ?????
Gender: F
Age: 19
Species: Canine
Appearance: White in color
Relationship Status: dating Eric Synde
Etc: A field medic. She is also mute.
Name: Dimitri ?????
Gender: M
Age: 17
Species: Siberian Husky
Appearance: N/A
Relationship Status: dating Juniper
Etc: Speaks with Russian accent, has dark past that he doesn't talk about.
Name: Juniper ?????
Gender: F
Age: 17
Species: Canine
Appearance: Her fur is scarlet 
Relationship Status: dating Dimitri
Etc: Bubbly personality.
Name: Jacob ?????
Gender: M
Age: 18
Species: Wolf
Appearance: Grey fur
Relationship Status: single
Etc: Once dated Sam
Name: Sam Milligan
Gender: F
Age: 16
Species: Wolf
Appearance: White fur
Relationship Status: single
Etc: Was once male, she doesn't know how her life used to be, but remembers from time to time.
Name: Sarah Milligan
Gender: F
Age: 17
Species: Wolf
Appearance: White fur
Relationship Status: single
Etc: Sam's adopted sister. She's the daughter of a celebrity survivor who is now deceased. Though she was once her own father, the story is really confusing... read up on it in the first story.
Name: Carl Milligan
Gender: M
Age: 46
Species: Wolf
Appearance: White fur
Relationship Status: divorced
Etc: Biological father of Sam, guardian of Sarah.
Name: Maggie ?????
Gender: F
Age: 18
Species: Canine
Appearance: Brown fur
Relationship Status: dating Nate
Etc: She once died. Brought back to life by what seems to be a miracle.
Name: Nate ?????
Gender: M
Age: 19
Species: Feline/Cat
Appearance: Gold fur
Relationship Status: dating Maggie
Etc: Wears glasses. Is a leader when least expected.
Name: Claudia ?????
Gender: F
Age: 17
Species: Canine
Appearance: Brown fur
Relationship Status: single
Etc: N/A
Name: Gen. Echo Sanders
Gender: F
Age: 22
Species: Canine
Appearance: Tan fur
Relationship Status: dating Beta
Etc: Once went completely bonkers and tried to kill her friends. She has a valid excuse though.
Name: Lt. Beta DeKopich
Gender: M
Age: 21
Species: Canine
Appearance: Tan fur
Relationship Status: dating Echo
Etc: Missing left eye, wears eyepatch.
Name: Vix ?????
Gender: F
Age: 17
Species: Vixen
Appearance: Blond fur
Relationship Status: dating Cody
Etc: Squeamish, faints easily.
Name: Cody ?????
Gender: M
Age: 19
Species: Wolf
Appearance: White fur
Relationship Status: dating Vix
Etc: Philosophical, usually knows best course of action.
Name: Dean ?????
Gender: M
Age: 19
Species: Wolf
Appearance: Gold fur
Relationship Status: hanging out with Emi
Etc: Was once a police officer.
Name: Fetch ?????
Gender: F
Age: 16
Species: Canine
Appearance: One grey eye
Relationship Status: single
Etc: British accent, once loved Jacob, once wore glasses.
Name: in case I forgot anyone from old story, no new characters will be added here
Relationship Status:

Act I: Scene: I
-Ellie (not yet introduced)
-Ashely (not yet introduced)
-Misha (not yet introduced)

•Sam's Perspective•
"It was you, all along... you knew... I should have known something was off, and I did. I just didn't know what to do. Now look how this wound up," I said.
"Nonononononono! Sis, what the heck are you talking about?!? Put down the gun befo-!"
"How is it my fault that-!?"
I cocked back the pistol.
"Sam, no, you don't understand! I don't even understand what happened to Dad, but-!"
She looked down at the ground and mumbled, "That hurts Sam... You know how badly that hurts me?"
At the moment Ellie shouted, "Sam. You should not kill! It is a crime! To your soul and to God!"
I looked over at Ellie and then back at Sarah. I glanced over at Ashley and then at Misha.
I aimed the gun and then spoke, "Tell me a story."
•End of Sam's Perspective•

-Seven Months Earlier-

Act I: Scene: II
-Carl (Sam's dad)

•Sam's Perspective•
My dad shouted, "Come on Sam, let's go!"
"Just a second, Dad!"
I looked at Fetch and spoke, "Well, I suppose this is it for a while. As I said, the house is all yours. My dad wants someone to look after it, not to mention you need a place to stay. Also, tell Jacob to take my existence, roll it up sideways, and shove it up his ass. Alright?"
Fetch chuckled and replied, "Will do. Thanks for the house."
"I only suggested you to my dad. He made the ultimate call."
"I still wonder why he thinks giving it to a 16 year old is a good idea."
I smiled and responded, "Dunno. Don't prove his trust wrong. I'll see ya in a few months, or a year, not sure."
We hugged and then I left the room. I went outside of the house. Sarah and my dad were waiting for me with suitcases.
We walked to the docks, boarded a boat, and sailed to mainland (USA). From there, we took a taxi to an airport, and we boarded a flight to the UK, then a flight to Germany.
•End of Sam's Perspective•

-1 day later-

Act I: Scene: II
-Ellie Mieves
-Ashley Moore
-Jasper ?????
-Police officer
-Military officer
-Various soldiers
-Various prisoners

•Ellie's Perspective•
Sooooo fucked.
I ran down the street with my boots squeaking from the rain. I sharply turned and cut across the road.
A gunshot rang out from behind me. I saw piece of asphalt shatter in front of me. I skidded to a slight stop and made another sharp turn into an alley. Another gunshot blasted through the air. However this time, I felt a painful burning in my leg. I fell down to the ground and tumbled into the dirt. I sat upright and faced the guard who was chasing me.
"Perhaps your outfit would look better with red, no?"
He chuckled and put an unlit cigar into his mouth. The guard unholstered his radio from his belt and pressed the button.
"I have apprehended her. She has a gunshot wound in her leg. What would you like me to do?"
There was silence for a second, then the radio crackled back, "Teach her a lesson. Breaking dress code results in punches. That is all."
The guard clipped the radio back to his belt and glared down at me.
"They say black cats bring bad luck. I suppose you shouldn't have rolled in all that soot."
I looked back up at the guard and replied, "Would you really hit a defenseless gi-!?!"
He kicked me in the face. Then he lifted me off the ground by my jacket and proceeded to punch my stomach multiple times. Just as I was about to faint, he stopped and threw me down on the ground.
"You listen here. Next time, think twice before not wearing your ushanka. Be proud for your country. God forbid if you lived on Isle Maximus."
He took a lighter out of his coat pocket and lit his cigar.
He took a quick puff and then spoke to me again, "So scamper back home. I don't expect to see you without your hat ever again."
I stammered, "I c-c-can't w-w-walk..."
"Well you shoulda thought about that before running, you stupid arse."
I rolled over onto my stomach and pushed myself up onto my feet. My leg was seething with pain, almost as if someone was stabbing me with tiny daggers all over.
I stumbled home, unlocked my door, went inside, locked my door, and collapsed onto the floor.
Allow me introduce myself, I am Ellie Mieves. I am 16 years old. I am a furry, a pale yellow cat. I am not short, nor am I tall. I weigh about 90 pounds. I live in a nation called Siberia. The only other nations that I know of are Maximus, which is a territory of the United States, and Germany. The nation of Siberia is held under an iron fist, technically communism, but it is all corrupt. Siberia only tells us what it wants us to know. I only know of Germany due to illicit conversations, whereas Isle Maximus is taught to us as an example of evil. I live alone. You may ask why, but Siberia is special. When the son or daughter of two parents hits 15 years of age, both parents are killed. Even if a married couple does not have a child, everyone is killed at the age of 30. That is why some people try to flee Siberia. Some are successful, although declared dead by the government. However those who are killed trying to flee... their dead bodies are paraded around.
My friend Dimitri tried to flee. I do not know what happened to him. The government says he died, but they did not parade his corpse around. He would be 17 years old if he was alive today. He was, a native so to speak - a Siberian husky.
Well here I was now, in my home. I was wearing an ugly grey coat, black boots, and brown pants. I had a gunshot wound in my right leg, just above the shin. My wound was no longer bleeding though. I stood up and limped over to the couch. I flopped down on it and grabbed my black ushanka. I hated it. It was fluffy and warm, but it had an ugly red star on the front of it.
I know what you might be thinking: "Ellie, go heal your wound!"
It is not that simple. I think I have made it apparent that I am oppressed (I learned the meaning of oppressed from other illicit conversations... go figure). Either way, I do not have the resources to heal myself.
I leaned back on the couch, as if it was a bed, because it is my bed. I pushed my ushanka over my eyes and started to doze off.
Of course, just before I was about to fall asleep, the jingle of keys jolted me awake. The lock to my door snapped, and the door opened.
I did not lift my hat above my eyes, I was still trying to remain in the dark atmosphere of slumber.
"Well look who is surprised to see me!"
"Jasper, I've had a long afternoon. I'm not in the mood for-!"
"Ellie, come on now. I have good news!"
"What could it possibly be?"
"You know I am bad at guessing. What is it?"
"No no no. You must guess."
"New duty?"
"More shop tickets?"
"Marriage papers finalized?"
"Well what is it?"
"Keep guessing."
"Jasper, look at my leg, look at what I was doing. I'm tired, I need rest. Just tell me what it is."
A short pause, in which Jasper was probably (I still had my hat over my eyes) looking at my wound.
"What happened to you Ellie!?!"
"Forgot my hat, now what is your news?"
"I-I, Ellie... your leg..."
"Get on with it Jasper. My leg will mend itself."
"I have found a way."
"A way to what? Faster death?"
"No Ellie, do not be so negative!"
"Then what is it?"
Jasper lowered his tone to near-silence, "A way to get out of this horrid place."
'Horrid' was a code for Siberia. We normally used 'place' as this house, but 'horrid place' referred to Siberia. The government has eyes in many places.
I spoke normally in response, "You got the job? Really?"
I sat up and lifted my ushanka over my eyes. I looked into Jasper's eyes. I should probably describe him to you. He is a feline as well, also 16, and he has fur as white as snow.
"Yes. It is right near the government's private bakery. The manhole pointed at the sun."
The escape was under a sewer grate.
"Why would you want to become a plumber?"
"The job is better than a-!"
A gunshot rang through the air. The glass window shattered, the curtain tore, and the bullet plunged itself into Jasper's head.
I lunged forwards off the couch and grabbed Jasper before his body could hit the floor.
Jasper's pale blue eyes were looking blankly up into his head. I looked up at the window, and then at the door. It opened. Several uniformed officers walked in.
An old doberman spoke, "Salutations Ms. Ellie Mieves."
I choked out, "My boyfriend..."
"Ah yes, that is why we are here. Today we received a tip that he was snooping around where he shouldn't have. We found him doing that today."
I cried back, "Why would you kill him? He would never do such a thing!"
"Well he did. Thus, he pays the price. Although he does not know it, he has hurt you as well."
The officer next to the doberman took out a lighter. It was the one who shot me earlier.
The doberman spoke again, "We have been monitoring both of you. You simply have negligence. Though Jasper is a traitor."
The officer next to the doberman (who I should finally describe as an old grey terrier) dropped the lighter onto the ground.
The floor started to burn.
"Take her to camp. Let the house burn. Keep his body here to burn."
The grey terrier grabbed me and hoisted me over his shoulder. I had dropped Jasper in front of the couch. As he took me away, I saw the flames crawl over the only things I could ever call my own.
The grey terrier walked to a large truck, went to the back, opened the doors, and threw me inside. I looked back at him. He took a match out of his pocket and lit another cigar. He took a puff, spit the smoke into the back of the truck, and shut (and locked) the doors. After a lengthy drive, we finally stopped. The doors opened and the grey terrier dragged me out into the snow.
"Look presentable for death. Do not look like such a weak bitch when you walk through those doors. Straighten your ushanka, tie your boot, fix your jacket, and do not do anything stupid."
He gestured at a large facility. The doors were solid iron, or steel, I am not sure. Though I did as I was told. I straightened my ushanka, tied my boot, and fixed my jacket. Then, I walked into the large building (with many guns pointed and my back, of course).
"дерьмо! There is yet one more?"
The doors shut behind me. The grey terrier had remained outside. In front of me was a grey retriever, who once looked like he was once gold. He was also the one who had spoken to me.
Yet the grey retriever spoke to me again, "You are lucky. We are already halfway through. Lucky for everyone else, the line will be randomized."
He gestured towards a line of furries. I stepped into line.
Now, the grey retriever spoke to everyone, "Those who have never been shot, please step forward. Lying will not get you anywhere, because you do not know if you'll be first or last as a result."
The entire line stepped up except for me (who was at the end of the line) and the first person in line.
"You, step to back of line with the newcomer. You two are last. The newcomer is before you. Though if there are any more newcomers, we will add another bullet. Maybe a few bullets."
The line reassembled. I was second to last. The original first furry in line was now the last.
Now the horrid process would take place. One by one, the line moved up. The furry who was up said their last words, then they were shot in the head. The line just kept moving up.
Their last words were (assume that the quote ends when they are shot):
"You filthy traitors. Can you officers not see that this is no longer communism? I for one-!"
"I do not even know why I was given birth here. This is a sad place. God have mercy."
"For those of us that live today, remember one thing. Remember the horrors you see here. Rebel for-!"
"I have nothing to say. I will not kneel. Shoot me while I stand and spit at you. Do it."
"Heh. You expect me to say something inspirational? You best kiss my arse."
"Aim well, because if you miss, I'll bite your dick off."
"I suppose now is the time to relax, no? Well... I am at peace."
"Those who live, if you are lucky enough to escape, place a rose at my wife's grave. She was killed here last year. Now I will join her. My wife was-!"
"This is sad... I did not expect for my life to end like this. Then again, we all end up dead in Siberia. It's all in the aspect of time. Time spent, time left..."
"You'd think by now I would have thought what to say. Truth be told, I only hope you're out of bullets. If not for me, for the last two women behind me."
Now it was my turn. I walked over to where every furry before me had dropped to their knees and looked at the grey retriever. The grey retriever would point his pistol in between their eyes, wait for their words to be said (or not, depending on how inspirational, or rebellious they were), and then shoot.
I knelt into the pool of blood (they moved the corpses to be burned out back, but did not mop up the blood and brains). The grey retriever pressed his pistol to my forehead.
"Any last words? Yet you may be lucky, yet again. I don't know if the pistol is out."
The other soldiers around the room chuckled.
I took a deep breath and replied, "Allow me to remove my hat first. I wouldn't want it to get stained."
I took off my ushanka and gently placed it at my side.
The grey retriever pointed his pistol at the ceiling and shot. The bullet pierced the metal and went flying into the night sky.
"Wise answer. Stand up."
I stood up and glanced at the other girl. She gave a shrug.
"What's your name?"
"Ellie Mieves."
"Well Ellie, you and... what's your name?"
"Ashley Moore."
"Your name and accent sound foreign. Are you not from the great land of Siberia?"
"Britain. UK."
"You are lucky that we in Siberia speak both English and Russian... or else you would be already dead."
Ashley looked over at the pistol which the grey retriever had dropped onto the floor. I looked at her, widened my eyes, and shook my head.
"Ah, I see you two are already becoming friends. That is good."
The grey retriever had said that in both English and Russian. At the time, I did not know English very well.
The grey retriever continued (twice, English and Russian), "As for both of you, you will be cellmates at a prison. You will do absolutely nothing. Sounds good, yes? But every week there will be a fight. Guards will pick two people to fight to the death - in multiple groups. Only two people will leave the prison alive. Best part for you two, you will not ever have to fight one another. Cellmates are comrades. You will learn loyalty, companionship, and pride for your country."
He picked up his pistol off the floor and holstered it.
The grey retriever finished off by saying to me (only in Russian), "By the way Ms. Mieves, good call for the pistol. Ms. Moore would have been dead quickly."
He gestured to the door with his hand.
"Go take your ride," in Russian.
"Go take your ride," in English.
We both got into the back of an armored truck. 
A guard spoke (only in Russian) as he closed the doors, "Do not try anything stupid."
•End of Ellie's Perspective•

•Ash's Perspective•
I sat across from Ellie on opposite benches. The truck starting vibrating, and then we began to move. Well, my luck has gone from great to complete shit. I'm stuck in a country that is under a dictatorship, I don't understand anything anyone says, and my only friend has no way of speaking with me. My friend looked like something out of a movie. She was wet from the rain and snow, her clothes looked like something the military would wear, and she was hunched over.
I looked up at Ellie and spoke, "Do you speak English?"
Ellie sighed and replied (with a rather thick accent), "Da. I know it a small amount."
"Well, can you tell me what that guard said? The one who closed the doors."
I gestured opening doors with my hands.
"Oh! He say not try anything."
A bit of silence.
At last Ellie spoke, "How is family? If do not mind asking."
I replied, "My mum is dead, she died when I was born. My dad... died on the way here. We crashed in a plane. We were heading to Germany. But these officers found the wreck and took survivors to the camp. They were all shot first, the first half. I was the only female, so I was at the end of the line."
"That is sad. I sorry you come here. My family killed last year."
She paused and leaned close to me.
"But Ash, not worry. We will escape."
She backed up and straightened her hat.
•End of Ash's Perspective•

I know what you might be thinking:
"Oh come on, now the narrator is going to do a whole new story about everyone EXCEPT Sam and Sarah."
Nope, I was merely setting up a setting. Well, some characters too, but mainly the setting.

-1 day ago-

Act: I Scene: III
-Carl (Sam's dad)
-Airplane passengers
-Airplane pilot

I think I should figure out what type of pupils they should have.


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